New NYS Gun Laws

We will update this page as we get more clarification from the permit office. 



New Firearms bills were passed in 2022 



June 2nd (Bill S9458) (New NYS Permit to Purchase any Semi-Auto Rifle)

Effective date August 31st 2022


July 1st 2022 (Bill S51001) (New NYS Handgun Permit System)

Effective date Sept 1st 2022


NYS Governor has already signed both the bills



The handgun permit law will go in effect on Sept 1st 2022


Current permit holders who were issued a permit 3 years ago or before must apply to renew

(Must attend 2 hours livefire shooting qualifier to prove proficiency) 

Permit holder will be notified by the permit office



New Law for NYS Handgun Permit :


What we have gathered from the Ulster County Pistol Permit Office is that the old law is still in effect for now


All the old requirements are still valid. The 4 hour safety course requirement is still in effect.


Starting Sept 1st the new requirements will take effect.



If you would like to apply for a pistol permit you can still apply under current law. You can attend a 4 hour safety course and submit your application



What do you need to apply:


Application & Required Documents


Safety Course


You can sign up for a Free 4 hour Safety Course by visiting the website below.


You can download Ulster County Pistol Permit Application from the Permit Office Website


Click here for an application


If you have question please call Ulster County Permit Office at

(845) 340-4237 and (845) 340-3639 or email

between 8:30 am - 3:00 pm





What happens on Sept 1st 2022


Sept 1st the new handgun permit law (S9548) will go into effect


Background checks on all firearms and ammunition purchases 


There will be 2 Background checks (FBI & New NY State Background Check) on firearm purchase


There will be NYS Background Check on Ammunition Purchase 


New Permit Process for Pistol Permit


Pistol Permit Applicant will be required to:


Attend one time 16 hours in person Safety Course designed by NYS DCJS & NYS State Police

(will be required to take an exam at the end)


Attend 2 hours live fire shooting with a proficiency test at the end


Provide all social media accounts


Provide contact number of each member of the household



The permit will be vaild for only 3 years, will need to apply again to renew.

(will be required to attend 2 hours livefire shooting to prove proficiency)


Judges can revoke the license at anytime


There is more to it, watch the complete video yourself and understand the new law


Bill S9548 (Handgun Permit)



or click here



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